We Love What We Do

Alpha Laser & Beauty Clinic is a Day Spa that provides you with exquisite service, Award- winning professional products, and high quality effective spa treatments.Offering a unique level of attention, our (Alpha) Day Spa is a cozy, and relaxing environment, complimented by highly skilled and friendly professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best spa experience in the city of Toronto.
Our high quality laser technology is from the Soprano pain-free, hair-removal family. Soprano hair-removal gently and safely heats the dermis to a level that effectively damages the hair follicle, prevents re-growth, yet will not injure the surrounding skin. This system is proven pain-free.

We proudly carry and use Thalgo Skin Care products, a luxury skincare line made in France and used by the best spas throughout the world. Thalgo offers a wide selection of salon & spa treatments suitable for every skin type and are renowned for their dramatic effects in revitalizing, detoxifying, firming and providing an overall calming sense of well-being that comes from having beautiful skin.

Our expert beauty technician Zara, has over 20 years of experience in skin care. Working with Thalgo Marine Beauty for the past 18 years, Zara received an International Certificate of Distinction for her work with Thalgo, France. Specializing in “Marine Immersion Ritual” Zara provides clients with a safe and professional environment to “let go” of stresses and be immersed in a protective, rejuvenating Marine Universe. The relaxing effect of this treatment known as “MODELAGE DE LA MER” helps to promote softer, healthier, and more luminous skin through active marine ingredients that will leave you feeling nourished and replenished.

Skin Care

To have your face looking as youthful as possible, you need to keep it clean and hydrate. It’s never too late or too early to begin taking care of your skin!

Injection Lipolysis

This therapy can help you to get rid of smaller deposits of fat that are susceptible neither to change in diet nor special exercise – and not just temporarily, but permanently.

Laser Hair Removal

A pain-free diode laser hair removal machine Laser hair removal is the number one non-invasive aesthetics treatment available today.